Toxins in Furniture Polish

Two of the most common sources of toxins in a home are cosmetics and cleaning products. You will find countless chemicals and toxic ingredients in both types of products and you need to be careful about your level of exposure and your children’s level of exposure to these products.

One cleaning product in particular is extremely toxic and that is furniture polish. Homeowners will often use furniture polish once or twice a week to dust off end tables and coffee tables and other wood furniture. Sometimes the aerosol product is used on TVs and mirrors too.

Your intent is to create a clean and appealing living space for you and your family when in reality the furniture polish is very toxic and possibly harmful to the health of your home.

Furniture polish contains volatile hydrocarbons and a toxic composition that you should never swallow and should be careful about inhaling too much of. Medical reports have concluded that these hydrocarbons are very bad for your health if you are exposed to them too often.

Furniture polish can result in loss of vision if it comes into contact with your eyes so be careful to spray it far away from your face if you do feel the need to use it in your home. You also do not want it to come into contact with your skin as it can cause severe irritation and if you inhale too much of it, lung damage can occur.

The many risks associated with furniture polish are not worth dust-free furniture in your home. Instead of purchasing furniture polish from your local store, consider mixing your own DIY solution that won’t contain chemicals or toxins.

Here is a recipe for organic furniture polish. We recommend this furniture polish for homes with children and pets.

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